Confidentiality and IP All Intellectual Property created by any Contractor whilst working on behalf of Sweeney Advertising will become the Intellectual Property of Sweeney Advertising. Unless the one party otherwise agrees, all information about, or in any way relating to, that party, its business, transactions, affairs, techniques or processes, or its clients, which the other party obtains or learns during the currency of this agreement is confidential. The Contractor acknowledges that confidential information is solely and exclusively the property of the Sweeney Advertising and vice versa. Except as authorised or required by this Agreement, the Contractor shall not use or disclose, to any person or persons or Company any confidential information which it obtains or learns in the performance of the Services and vice versa. Property All property, including but not limited to documents and copies thereof created by the Contractor under this Agreement, or which came into the possession of the Contractor pursuant to the performance of the Services, are the property of the Sweeney Advertising. All such property must be returned to Sweeney Advertising immediately upon termination of any Agreement.

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