Sick of Marketing jargon?

Are you finding more and more of your marketing meetings are being drowned by acronyms? Do you ever feel they are losing focus on the bigger picture and the real business objectives you need to achieve?


We agree and too often we see people getting consumed in the data or the platform used and losing sight of the business objective that they had in the first place. This trend seems to be growing and allowing a lot of marketers and agencies to hide behind their go to confusion tactics when it comes to accountability and results.


When it comes to results, metrics should be clear and easy to report on. It’s often the lack of results on these key metrics that bring in the onslaught of metrics no one asked for. They all have their place and depending on the project there will be plenty of analysis to be done, but the key point is to not be distracted by the endless charts or pie graphs.


We at Sweeney Advertising won’t drown you with acronyms. Instead, we will focus on the key metrics we agreed on from the start and stay accountable for the results delivered.

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